AmirAbbas Ranjbar
Amir Abbas Ranjbar
Software developer at Okala

The Maker, The Programmer
About Me
  • Marital status . . . . .Married
  • Date Of Birth . . . . .May 19, 1995
  • Current Location . . . . .Iran
  • Nationality . . . . .Iranian
  • Hobbies . . . . .Music, Video Game, Football, Movies, Board Game, Technology
  • Interested . . . . .Game Design, Mobile Application Development, Songwriting

I was born in the mid-90s. My first experience with a computer is related to video games in the 90s. I realized that I was really interested in computers and programming when I went to elementary school. My first experience with programming is related to C++ and C, I had written a simple calculator with C++ when I was 12. In 2013, I started to study software engineering at Tehran Azad University and I graduated in fall of 2018. I studied some C#.Net programming courses at the Tehran Institute of Technology then I got some certificates, but I always believe that nothing could help me to learning programming instead of online self-study. I always try to keep myself updated; honestly, it is the main rule in any fields of IT which can keep you alive in this wild river!

When I was a university student, I started to work as a freelancer in a little programming group and the main purpose was to innovate new ideas and developing them which we made some web applications and simple mobile applications with MVC and Xamarin technology.

One of our ideas was a tourist services infrastructure, especially for foreigners who wanted to visit Iran. We provided the features such as getting a visa, tour planning, business travel planning and a system to find the nearest services online. In Order to complete the services of this product, we produced a service that was a map-based web application with some filtering feature for all kinds of job. Also this project has a map-based mobile application and an back office dashboard for managing users and contents. The other product that we’re working on it is an open-source VPN service for connecting the many LAN gaming center with each other through the Internet and running on network layer 3.

In March of 2019, according to the product’s business plan, we needed an accelerator for our product and we stopped developing again due to economical problems. However, we completed the whole product. So we searched for an accelerator for our mentioned projects. Also, I have no choice but to believe that the only positive point as an income was the experiences gained from these project during 5 years throughout the projects.

In April of 2019, I got a new job opportunity at DP Iran Company (Ex-IBM). IBM branch in Iran, later known as Data Processing Iran (DPI) Company, Over the company's history, DPI has signed numerous technology-sharing national and international agreements till now.

I was working as a (.Net) Software developer till May of 2021. We were working on Comprehensive system of electricity customers in Tehran to remove the paper/hard copy bills to prevent the cutting of more than 12000 trees per year according to green world rules. For more information just click here.

Since I'm always eager to improve on my skills and I like to stay on the edge of technology, I was looking for a job that could help me develop my skills better, So in May of 2021, I start working as a software developer in Okala company that allowed me to get to know and work on a microservice project. Okala online store started operating in 2017 as an online shopping service company, so that a lot of time could be saved for the users, and ultimately reduce intra-city transportation, by offering high-quality goods as well as a very reasonable and competitive price.

Finally, as a software developer, I'm so glad about my position because it truly is a meaningful job and skill, with my enthusiasm and hard work I'm always trying to turn great ideas into reality.

My Services

Talk is cheap. Show me the code!

Web design

I design webs like spiders :)

2021 - Present
Software Developer
2019 - 2021
Software Developer
2014 - 2019
Web Application Developer
Self-Employed, Freelancer
2016 - 2019
Programming Lecturer
Tehran Institute of Technology

Teaching Programming Concepts, C ++ and C # at Vanak and Mirdamad Branches

2013 - 2018
Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering
West Tehran Islamic Azad University
.Net Framework 4.5 Web-Based Client Application Programming Course
Tehran Institute of Technology
.Net Framework Application Development
Tehran Institute of Technology
Introduction to programming with DotNet
Tehran Institute of Technology
My Skills
  • C# : Advanced
  • Software Development : Advanced
  • ASP.NET Core : Advanced
  • SQL Server : Advanced
  • ASP.NET MVC : Advanced
  • LINQ : Advanced
  • Web API : Intermediate
  • .Net Core : Intermediate
  • Docker : Beginner
  • Git : Intermediate
  • OOP : Intermediate
  • Entity Framework : Advanced
  • Java : Beginner
  • HTML/CSS : Intermediate
  • Bootstrap : Intermediate
  • JavaScript : Intermediate
  • Angular : Beginner
  • JQuery : Intermediate
  • AJAX : Intermediate
  • TFS : Intermediate
  • Git : Intermediate
  • Unity : Beginner
  • Android Studio : Beginner
Known Languages
  • Persian : Native
  • English : Intermediate
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  • Phone . . . . . (+98)919 222 0910
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